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The personal blog of @abgeana.


February 2021
Notes from reading the return-to-csu paper and applying the technique in a CTF pwnable.

BambooFox CTF 2021

January 2021
Write-ups of some reverse engineering tasks from BambooFox CTF 2021.

Rust Foreign Function Interface

January 2021
Experiments with using the rust Foreign Function Interface to link against compiled binaries.

Bootstrapping esp8266 development

August 2019
Wrote some code for the esp8266 and put together my notes on how to get the toolchain up and running.

Cross-compiling for Android

July 2019
Notes on configuring build systems to compile code for Android.

Cross-platform debugging

December 2018
CTF has given you some binary in a weird architecture? This is how to use gdb.

setuid, res user IDs, exec and ptrace

May 2018
Ran some experiments with the ptrace syscall when executed against process started from setuid binaries.

printf tips

May 2017
Solved a pwnable with a string format vulnerability. Made some notes on how exploits for this vulnerability class work.

gdb tracee io hacks

March 2017
Tried to debug an ncurses application in gdb. These are some things I learned.